About MAK

MAK Hair Products was created in 2012 by Mickey Alan Kravitz, Musician since the age or 14. Lead vocalist for the glam rock band Harlow formed in Kansas City Mo. Singed a recored deal in the late 80’s and moved to Los Angeles, Ca. Being in a glam rock band hair was always a big deal. I have always taken car of my hair the best I knew how even after bleaching, dyeing, Blow dryers, flat irons, hair spray, etc.. over the years it takes a toll. The older we get your hair shows it.

I was never 100 % happy with any of my hair products over the years so I decided to take matters in to my own hands and with my chemist we worked one on one together on each MAK product. Every product was tested by me and other professional hair stylist. I made sure I was 100 % happy with every product and was approved with positive feedback from other stylist. 

I want to keep my hair and I want to keep it looking healthy as I can and If I am going use and put my name on something It has to be perfect. Our line of hair growth shampoo & conditioner "Zoe" (Greek for Life) were developed to help stop hair loss and help nurish the folical for faster hair growth. Our Non Comedogenic styling products are extra extreme hold and have received positive feedback from 99% or customers with forhead breakout problems.  All MAK Hair Products are made in the U.S.A.  Never tested on animals.


Mickey Alan Kravitz

MAK Hair